Get a free hookup in the USA today

Is it real to get a free hookup in the USA today?

Even though many people consider the USA one of the freest countries in the world, it is not that simple to find a free hookup there. Certainly, it does not happen without a particular reason. In fact, there are many of them but some just have a bigger influence.

For example, young American girls are not into getting laid with foreigners. Do not forget that this country is literally built by migrants. Therefore, they are kind of tired of foreigners flooding their state.

At the same time, a lot of American females simply do not have enough time to hang out with males. They are too into their careers and earning money. It is better to forget about personal life at all than to try repeatedly.

Although, you should not lose hope to get a free hookup in the USA if you happen to be there. It is important to remember that local women still want to try something new concerning their romantic part of life. However, be ready to woo an American lady at least for an evening since she is not going to get in bed with you too soon.

What do American girls think of a hookup culture?

In general, this culture is highly welcomed in this state. Nonetheless, it does not mean that getting laid in the USA is extremely easy. If you wish to do this, you definitely need to impress a local lady with something. It may happen so that she seems friendly, talkative, and nice in all aspects but this does not guarantee you a casual hookup.

In this case, you need to find out what this particular American female thinks of a hookup culture. Remember that there will be a lot of opinions on this topic. Besides, you cannot expect every American woman to get in bed with you just because you are a foreigner. They do not feel like you are special just because you come somewhere from Asia or Europe, for example.

Moreover, the attitude towards hooking up is different depending on age. A lot of young girls welcome this phenomenon more than older women do. It is connected with the fact that American ladies who are over 40 are quite conservative. They were raised at different times and have other life principles.

The best place for random hookups in the USA

Luckily, you are not going to face any restriction connected with where you can or cannot go. At the same time, you need to decide where to look for a free hookup firstly. The majority of foreign males would definitely choose to visit nightclubs, bars, and discos, especially in huge cities.

This may be a good idea if you are ready to spend a good sum of money. In cities like New York or Los Angeles, it is possible to get laid in clubs but it will cost you some money. Theoretically, you get a free hookup but you will need to buy a few drinks that cost quite a lot, especially in central clubs.

The choice of nightclubs and discos is indeed huge. However, you should choose those ones that are less popular among foreigners. It will be way easier to surprise and impress American women who do not expect a man from Europe to show up there.

Here is the list of popular nightclubs in New York and Los Angeles:

·      Paul’s Cocktail Lounge;

·      Le Bain;

·      Avant Gardner;

·      Paradise Club;

·      The Reserve;

·      Freak City;

·      Derriere;

·      Avalon Hollywood.

You are going to figure out where to find these clubs easily, as they are quite popular among locals and foreigners as well. Although, they are not the most crowded and expensive ones.

Ways of finding American women in free hookup apps

In the present situation when Coronavirus actively strikes, you may actually want to use hookup apps to meet American girls. Moreover, this method of getting acquainted with new people has always been quite popular. So, you should not hesitate to download the most popular apps many of which are created for the USA only.

If you do not where to start, it is highly advisable to download the following apps: Grindr, DOWN Dating, Casualx, Pure. All of the above-mentioned hookup apps are absolutely free and you will not have to pay unless you want to get additional features.

Another positive point about using this kind of apps to meet an American lady to hookup is that they react to your messages quickly. This means that you will not have to send messages repeatedly just to get an answer from one female.

After all, it is easy to arrange a date with this woman because she cannot reject your invitation. Even if she does not have plans on getting laid with you tonight, you are going to enjoy her company for sure.

The balance between career and personal life

As it has been already mentioned, the vast majority of American girls are not into personal life. They start thinking of it after they have a developed career. In addition, they are sure that having a boyfriend takes too much time. Even having sex once a week may seem like something extra to American ladies.

Surely, you can find some exceptions here as well. In fact, a lot of young American girls who are 18-26 do not mind getting laid with a man they do not really know. However, they will not do this unless you can assure that your sex is protected and she is not going to get pregnant.

If you see that this or that particular American female has no interest in anything except for her career, do not even try to approach her. The chance of having a free hookupwith her is practically zero. The only thing you can hope for is a small talk before she leaves forever.

In case if you have strong plans on getting laid in the USA no matter what, you should look for younger American girls. They are likely to try things like that, especially if they have enough money already.

Rules of communication with American females

This may seem like an unnecessary paragraph of this article. Nevertheless, you should not underestimate the importance of rules of communication. It is especially significant if you have never been in this country before. A lot of foreigners are sure that it will be more than enough to be polite and always say "sorry” if you have done the wrong thing.

At the same time, you should clearly understand when you should start or stop talking. It will help you avoid looking like a dummy in many situations. For example, make sure not to tell a random lady what you are doing for a living unless she asks you about it.

In fact, the majority of American people appreciate conciseness and clearness. It is better to tell only those things that they want to hear from you. Besides, you should not take away women’s time if they feel like going. It will definitely prevent you from getting a free hookup in the end.

Final hookups tips

If your primary goal is to get laid in the USA at any cost, you will be able to do this. Of course, it will take much time, especially if you are not experienced enough. Additionally, it will be quite difficult to understand American women’s mentality.

The majority of them seem like easy girls but they are not. You just need to get to know them a bit better to find this personal feature out. Sometimes it is better to show your tactfulness instead of being too arrogant and hope for a better result.

In general, having a free hookup in the USA can be simple and difficult at the same time. You just need to see what you can find there yourself. Do not forget that this country expects you to adapt to their realities. This works in all spheres including romantic relationships that are quite hard to start in this state.