Best free tips to meet Russian Ukraine girl for hooking up

The main principles and preferences of Russian women

Russian girls, like all Slavic women in general, are all beauties. Although it’s easy for a foreigner to meet them nowadays, lots of men still wonder, how to meet them in a best way.

It’s because not each of us has a neighbour or a close friend, who would currently marry or hookup a Russian girl so we could ask him questions. We learn the info over the Internet.

But, it isn’t always correct. Some responses and stories are written by very old disappointed men who weren’t welcomed in Russia by beautiful young Barbies.

Here we come to the point number one: what do Russian women think about the age gap? Are they really ok with it, or they prefer dating their peers only? Let’s see what they think!

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Russian girls’ opinion about the age gap

It’s well-known Russian girlfriends are comfortable with the age difference in a relationship, but there are too many men who are still insecure about that and express their fears openly.

Of course, if a man is 70 and more, or bad-looking at his 60s, there is always a risk of being rejected. But western and European men tend to look youthful and fit at 60, so girls like them.

It’s true that Russian girls are a bit more selective towards elderly guys than Filipina women, who can be happy with just any age as soon as a man is supportive and respects their family.

But lots of men are succeeding in their courtship in Russia even if they exceeded the mark of 60 y.o., with the help of various tricks and smart strategies. So here are some of them.

·      Men do dye their grey hair. It cannot be called exactly dishonest, because the majority of women are typically changing their natural hair colour as well. Why not to refresh?

·      A few weeks prior to the trip, men start exercising and putting the moisturizing masks on their face. As a result, they really look way better and younger when they visit.

·      Some men do their best to make a good impression and show their kindness in advance, so a girl has no reasons to refuse even if she doesn’t like certain nuances.

·      Finally, girls can be told a man’s age is younger. It’s not good of course, but if one is coming to Russia for hookups only, it makes no sense to be too personal and frank.

All of the above works perfectly, but at the same time, there are also mistakes men often make. For example, one shouldn’t flatter a Russian girl too much, just to force her accept him.

Eastern European women and especially those in Russia and Ukraine are very clever, they sense the false words immediately and react in a negative manner. Compliment them moderately.

Russian girlfriends

Do Russian girls welcome only rich guys?

That’s another frequent fear of westerners. Well, of course they don’t. The majority of Russian men are badly provided, yet women date them and marry them, so it’s normal.

Like everywhere in the world, foreigners and especially westerners are expected to be more successful than locals, but only a few girls are risky enough to get involved with rich guys.

Russian girls are still full of stereotypes that rich western men run half-legal casinos and some drug business, or brothels. They realize the competition of women pretenders is too huge.

Maybe you haven’t heard of that and you do not realize that, but many Russian women are still scared by the story of Julia Lemigova, the Beauty Queen of former Soviet Union.

She dated a billionaire Edouard Stern and eventually gave a birth to his son, but one of the female competitors managed to neutralize the baby to avoid the unwanted heir and loss of money.

Years after, the same happened to Stern. Most probably, Lemigova remained in danger during all those years too. This story went famous in Russia and no one wants to go through that.

So, contrary to the bad rumour, there are limits to any greed of female golddiggers, at least in Eastern Europe. Women there are still conservative and fearful, not too adventurous.

If one wants to avoid game players at all costs, he must stay away from such categories of girls as shallow Bimbos, daddy’s daughters who post on Instagram all day, and professional daters.

The last category may include escort girls, girls who have local boyfriends, or workers of dating agencies. All of them look at foreigners from a commercial point of view.

But, at the same time, all of them are very easy to detect. Just do not forget to ask many questions, compare the answers, gather their personal data, and be observant enough.

The absolute majority of Russian and Ukrainian women realize the necessity to work abroad in case they relocate to a man, and do that readily. So they are just normal, down-to-earth females.


Can Russian girls have sex on the first date?

Let’s be honest, this is what all men want and hope for. Even if they’re too polite, or too insecure, or even not enough interested in this particular girl, the hope is always there.

However, the ability of Russian women to have casual sex too soon is either doubted or severely judged and considered an easy virtue. Well, this must be finally clarified.

A girl’s attitude depends on the initial purpose of your meeting. It’s that simple! If you met through the Russian hookup app, and both want casual sex, do not judge her for quick getting intimate.

But if you met on a marital site with the purpose of lasting relationship, do not be surprised that a girl isn’t in hurry to sleep with you. Firstly, she wants to make a decent impression.

Secondly, she knows the honeymoon and years of sex are waiting for the two of you anyway, so she really has no clue why you would be so impatient to start right away.

That’s why it is always crucial to discuss things, and exchange opinions or needs. If you are very passionate by nature, or want to check your compatibility in a bed ASAP, just say that.

A woman who doesn’t want to lose a promising partner or a future husband, definitely won’t refuse. Mutual understanding starts from such little nuances and grows into a stable connection.

It’s better to avoid getting offended or even breaking the communication due to the issue that wasn’t even discussed properly. There are too many examples of that in international dating.

One young woman, for example, was very shocked when her admirer broke up after making a conclusion that she refuses to sleep with him, while she just had a light form of diabetes.

Because of that, she needed to go sleep very early, otherwise she felt exhausted and itchy. But she didn’t mind to get intimate in the afternoon, just he gave up on her before she expressed herself.

Of course, none dating experts would recommend to be too straightforward and say something like Hello, I am searching for a wife but I need sex on the first date.

There are big doubts a serious Russian girl with good principles would consider such a candidate. But, talk about your priorities nicely and it’s always going to be the key to a great relationship.


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How to make sure your Russian girl is right for you

One of the best tips is to compose your own list of requirements and follow it point by point each time you meet a Russian girl online. This way, you will not betray yourself and reach your goal.

There’s nothing wrong in being demanding when you choose a life partner. Mature and responsible girls shall understand that. They want to be loved for their beauty only, but let’s get real.

If her skills as a lover are important for you, touch this subject lightly each time you talk. If you’re limited in time and patience when you visit, let her know about that in a gentle manner.

Even it’s ok to criticize a little bit if she is too loud, or too reserved, or too flirtatious with other men. Let her criticize back too. Dating is all about the right balance, and mutual compromises.